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    Amy Arnaz

That's me! And I'm the Executive Director of BCBC. I'm also called "Miss Amy" and received my early training in Las Vegas from Christina Carson who danced with the Ballet Russe and later Royal Ballet. I studied in San Diego with the late Sonja Arova and also taught ballet at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) thru continuing education for several years. I was most influenced in my training by Vassili Sulich, founder of Nevada Dance Theatre (today renamed Nevada Ballet Theatre) and was one of his original dancers when he founded NDT in the early 70's.

I spend most of my time directing BCBC. I enjoy this aspect of the dance world as much as the performing /teaching side. The children are very funny and as most dance instructors know, there is a pleasant reward in watching them progress through the years and finally reach a point where they can actually "dance."

The round photo to the right is me with one of our darling Baby Ballerinas. I give and get lots of hugs every day and wouldn't change my profession for anything. I love children and find great pleasure in providing them this magical world where they can dance & sing & express themselves.